The cattery is monitored around the clock by CCTV. If you have a smartphone or can access a computer while you are away we will be only too happy to send you photos or emails where possible, to update you on your cats stay.

All suites are made of high quality UPVC and meet the recommendations of Eastleigh Borough Council.

All suites have a separate spacious bedroom area, units can accommodate 1, 2, 3, or 4 cats from the same household.  Each unit has a secure run andsneeze barriers separate each unit, so avoiding direct contact with our guest’s neighbours.

Each bedroom area has controlled heating to make sure our guest is cosy and comfortable on chilly days and cold nights.  All suites have a fully insulated roof to keep the warmth in on cold days but keep our guests cool in the summer.

Our guests are supplied with cosy beds and bedding; have a fully tiled exercise area, toys to play with, ladder, scratch post, shelves and things to hide and play in.  Chairs are available for each suite so we can sit and play/groom our guests if they want us to. Of course, you may bring your cats own bedding and toys if you prefer.

Litter trays are provided and all suites are thoroughly cleaned daily to the highest standard with the recommended animal disinfectant and cleaning products.

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Each suite has an enclosed sleeping quarters to the rear, which can be closed off by a UPVC door to keep our guest warm and cosy at night, however it has a large glass window so we can take a peek to make sure our guest is comfortable.  A cat flap allows access to the exercise area when the door is closed.  If your cat is not used to a cat flap we can leave the cat flap open!  The exercise area has glass and UPVC sides but a mesh door so our guests can hear and see what is going on elsewhere in the cattery, without encountering any other guest.

The cattery suites are protected by a safety corridor to make sure our guests are doubly safe.  Our reception area is at the end of the cattery that is also secure.

Each suite has secure shelving to enable our guests to see things from a different “purr-spective” and look out onto the paved area in front of the cattery to see what’s going on in the garden.

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